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Ranch! [Mar. 20th, 2015|03:34 pm]

[Current Location |Sitting in my computer chair using the laptop.]
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[music |ILoveKimPossibleALot]

So I have a half full bottle of Ken's Steak House Ranch Dressing that's been sitting out on my computer desk for two days and nights. It hasn't been hot or cold in the house. The first several ingredients are, "Soybean Oil. Water, Sugar, Egg Yolk, Distilled Vinegar, Buttermilk Solids, and Salt" just to name a few. It smells fine and the texture seems the same.

Can I eat this?

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soda old enough to be in primary school [Dec. 18th, 2014|12:25 am]

[mood |amusedamused]

A friend of my boyfriend's just drank a soda that had been expired for six years prior because the instructions were in German and said German boyfriend neglected to inform her of what the bottle actually said on it. It may have been moldy.

How sick is she going to get?
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year-old pre-packaged pastas [Aug. 3rd, 2014|02:32 pm]

Hi All, I'm packing food up, because I'm moving next weekend. I'm tossing most things that are expired.

But I have several (unopened) boxes of various pastas that are "best by" a YEAR ago. Some are just boxes of noodles, but a few have the dry powder 'sauce' packets, like Suddenly Salad and Annie's macaroni & cheese. Should I toss them or no?
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(no subject) [Jul. 28th, 2014|04:26 pm]

doubt it, but... better than bouillon soup base, unopened, expiry/sell by date 9/23/13. it does contain meat and meat juices, but i wonder if the sodium content is enough to make it still passable.
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careless husband! [Jul. 28th, 2014|11:26 am]

My husband sprayed around our property with orkin bug spray yesterday.  He didn't notice that there was a full box of nature valley granola bars I had just bought from costco right next to the door frame when he sprayed around there.  The top of the box was open, all the bars are sealed.  They weren't sprayed directly but could have been hit by overspray.  
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(no subject) [Jul. 22nd, 2014|11:48 pm]

Large jar of Helman's (aka Best Food's) commercial mayonnaise, freshly opened, left unrefrigerated for 24 hours?
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(no subject) [Jul. 19th, 2014|05:45 pm]

Sun-Maid Mediterranean dried apricots, date on bottom is May 18, 2014 (doesn't specify if it's the "sell by" or "enjoy by" date). The can was sealed until today, when I opened it myself. The apricots feel a little moist, but pretty much exactly as I expected.

Would you chance it?
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(no subject) [Jun. 8th, 2014|06:29 pm]

Someone moved 7 breast fillets of chicken from the freezer to the fridge; I just found them (a few hours later). I don't eat chicken but I have been told that you cannot safely thaw chicken and refreeze it; must I now cook these fillets and have them be eaten ASAP?
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raw chicken [Apr. 14th, 2014|08:38 pm]

How long does raw chicken really last in the fridge? I've been told 3 days, but is there some wiggle room?
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(no subject) [Apr. 12th, 2014|11:59 pm]

Frozen Trader Joe's cheese enchiladas. No clue how long they've been in the freezer. They were covered in a layer of ice, which I chipped away. Now they're in the oven. These can't go bad, can they? I would guess they are probably a year or so old.
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