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can_i_eat_this's Journal

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Food Safety For the Cheap and Adventurous
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Do you cut the molded part off of fruit and eat it anyway? Will you happily bring chili that's been out all night to work the next day? Do you laugh at freezerburn and assume that yogurt just gets better with age?

This community is designed to help you figure out if it's worth the risk to eat old or left out food. Chances are it's not, since food poisoning sucks, but you can ask people who have been cooking and eating for longer than you if X has made them sick.

Of Note:

- We are not, for the most part, medically trained, and while some of us may be trained in food safety, this community and its members will not be responsible if you get sick as a result of following or not following advice given here, so take it with an enormous grain of salt.

-Please read the FDA guidelines (linked above) for food safety before asking your question and assume that following them and avoiding cross contamination are the best ways to avoid getting sick

-In posting and replying, be respectful. We are here to learn from one another. Discussion and debate are ok, but personal attacks and judgements are not. There are snark communities galore for that sort of thing.

we_are_pliable is your mod, acting upon an idea of gushgush's.

You can contact the mod at maeladd at gmail dot com.

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